Orion (short shory)


“I’d been having weird dreams for months.”

“In the dream, I had amazing powers, granted by a man called Sir Michael of Arundel, a sinister figure dressed in dark armour; like a knight, but scary. In my dreams, I was dangerous. Also a knight, but it was during a period like the middle ages.Or a place with swords and sorcery?I possessed incredible combat abilities. These dreams scared me.”

“I wielded a powerful sword that cut through metal and limbs like a hot knife through butter. This sword. Vindicator, it is called.”

“I hunted people who could use magic, or who had an affinity for it. Warlocks and witches both. I hunted and killed them. They could not harm me; I was resistant to their magical spells and abilities. Sir Michael called me his hunter and likened me to Orion, the hunter from mythology. He had an amulet, a gem in a necklace that is called the Gem of Orion…”