Buy my books

Hello folks,

If you like, you can buy my stories directly from me, rather than a giant online retailer or bookstore.

Of course, as you’re buying them from me, I’ll happily autograph and personalise your physical copies!



I’ve tried to keep it as cheap as possible. Postage I have little control over.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.

Paperback   $20 each

Hardback     $35 each

eBook           $2 Outsider and Outsider: Deliverance, $1 Orion and Ogre



Please add:

$10 inside Australia for one or two books.

$15 rest of the world for one or two books.

There are no postage costs for eBooks.

I’ll keep it a flat rate for paperback and hardback. For 3 or more copies, please contact me to get a quote for postage.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.


For example: You want to buy a copy of Outsider, and Outsider: Deliverance in paperback. You live in Australia. Send me $50AUD, and fill in the form below 🙂



Click on the name of the story and you will be taken to a new window, which will give you a description of the story.

Outsider and Deliverance are novels, Orion and Ogre are short stories. Orion and Ogre are only available in eBook format.

Chronologically, Orion comes before Ogre.


Outsider: Deliverance



How to buy:

Fill in the contact form to tell me what you would like to buy. I’ll be in touch to confirm, and to ask how you want your book personalised, (i.e. what would you like me to write in it?)

Examples of personalisation include:

‘Dear Jongus, I hope you enjoy the book’

‘Dear Jongus, I hope reading this makes you contract leprosy’

‘Dear Jongus, reading this book will change your life’

And so on and so forth…

For eBook purchases, please advise what format you would like (.pdf, .epub, etc.).

I will get them to you as quickly as possible, but will contact you if I experience any difficulty.


How to Pay:

Go to, type in the amount, log in to your PayPal account and send me the money. It’s PayPal, so you know it’s easy and secure.

Don’t have a PayPal account? That’s OK. It’s quick and easy to sign up.

Otherwise, please contact me to do a direct bank transfer.


Thanks, and happy reading!




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