Book Reviews

Hello folks,

I’ve restarted doing a book review or three for our good friends over at

The first new review can be found here.

The book I’ve reviewed is ‘Double Lives (Johnny Wagner, Godlike PI)’ by Matt Cowper. It was quite a good read!

Thanks for reading.


Book Review

I’ve done another book review & posted it to the Reviews Section (really, the best place for a book review, when you think about it..). It’s a review of Paul Stanley’s biography.

I must shout out to Johannes, he’s asked me to review his book a few months back and I still haven’t. I’ve been writing myself and deliberately didn’t want to read anyone else’s work – purely so that it didn’t inadvertently colour my own – I hope you can accept my apology (again).




I was particularly touched today when a mate who is also a reader, e-mailed to say how much they enjoyed Outsider. I have to admit, it’s lovely when anyone says “good job”, or “well done”, but for someone to take a moment to write, left me feeling quite chuffed!

Here’s what they said:

Just thought I would drop you a line to say, Thank you for the exciting reading experience with the Outsider. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
I loved the Australian/Tasmanian references throughout the whole book, I found that a really nice touch.
It was good to find a writer who doesn’t mind dispatching the heroes of the story. That to me was a readers shock… perfect. Nice to see Duncan got his Cats shirt back near the end… although I feel that a Carlton shirt may have read a little better, hahahahaha.
Can’t wait for the next book Pete, thank you.

Thanks for reading!