Sharp pointy things

Writing fiction is good fun. You make something up and then write it down.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Of course, there are many rules you need to follow when you write stuff down. English is like the law; there are many rules that we must follow. Of course, unlike the law, English rules are not policed very well. Except by Grammar Nazi’s.

I’m guilty of many crimes against English in my writing, and I don’t profess to be any good at it.

A while back I considered how I would describe a combat scene. I found it easier to act out the scene myself (from one character’s point of view), so it would be easier to write down, and express on a page. A blow-by-blow (pun intended) description of what happened.

Here’s a short example from Outsider: Deliverance

Duncan readied his shield and kept his nerves as calm as he could. He positioned himself to receive the creature’s charge. It hit the shield with a muffled clang, its decomposed vocal chords uttered a low moan at the outsider. Duncan used the shield to keep the monster at bay and shouldered it backwards, into the tiled wall of the temple where he pinned the ghoul against the wall. He grimaced as the creature lashed at him over the rim of his shield, but it failed to connect. Duncan ended the fight with a swift roundhouse swing of his sword over the top of his shield that decapitated the ghoul.

I do write a lot about combat; melee, brawls, fracas, fights, hostilities, and the like. In researching my work, or ‘how to write realistic battle scenes where it is actually based on something that could happen rather than something you’d see in a Hollywood film’, I came across the work of a fellow called Guy Windsor. Guy writes about, does videos and runs classes and the like on how to do stuff with swords. That’s an over-simplification, but I’m sure you get the meaning.

So, I got myself a really good sword and acted out the fights I would write about. This, I found, is an awful lot of fun.

A little while ago I had the pleasure of giving comment on a manuscript that Guy wrote. It’s called The Theory and Practice of Historical Martial Arts. Any of Guy’s work is worth a look if you’re into swords, historical combat, looking to form a club with like-minded people or if you’re like me and you’re seeking ways to make stuff up and write it down in a more realistic way.

Guy’s book. Click on the image to go to his web page thingy.

For those interested, the sword I bought was made for me by a fellow called Vaughn Morphett, who does some work out of a shop called Hammer and Hand in Salamanca Place, in Hobart. Its sharp; the blade is carbon steel. It’s a fantastic sword, if you’re in to that sort of thing. When I collected it, I remember he said, “This is a sword you could take to war.”

click on the image for a bigger view

I hope it won’t come to that, but I should be okay when the zombie apocalypse happens. Hopefully you don’t read a post in future that begins, “I cut my ear off while practicing today…”

Thanks for reading!




Another Retail outlet

Hello Hobart friends,

Very pleased to announce that paperback copies of Outsider and Outsider: Deliverance are now available to buy at ‘A Bit Curious‘ (where the ABC Shop used to be) in the Centrepoint Shopping Centre.

Please call in!




Outsider: Deliverance – on sale now!

Ok, well it’s that exciting time when I can finally answer the burning question; “Pete, where can I buy a copy of Outsider: Deliverance?”

Well, the easy answer is most ebook and online book sales sites.

Outsider: Deliverance

Outsider: Deliverance

The ebook is available now, from sites like Amazon, Kobo, etc

Book stores should soon be able to order a copy for you. I don’t have any copies just yet, but I will be getting them very soon…!

How much is it?
The RRP of the book is 25.00AUD. For a limited time only you can buy both Outsider and Deliverance for $35.00AUD.

If you are in Hobart and fall into one of two categories:

1. I work with you:
Keep an eye on the Sports Carnival Books sales table in the atrium..

2. I don’t work with you:
Send a message to and we can work something out. I’m happy to deliver a copy to you if you live in the Hobart area! Just deposit 25.00AUD to my paypal account
Remember to include your name as the narrative. Or we can do cash on delivery. I’ll even give you a receipt! It may be a week or so before I can get a copy to you though.

If you are not in Hobart or if you’d prefer me to post it to you, please add $7 (or $10 for express post). Delivery will take anywhere between a couple of days and a week or so, depending how many people want one..!

If you are overseas or shy about using Paypal then send an e-mail to and we can work something out.

Postage will be about 7.00AUD (parcel post) or 10.00AUD (express post) if you’re in Australia or between 10.00AUD and 18.00AUD if you’re not.

Thanks everyone!!


Outsider: Deliverance

I started this blog to write about my book writing and publishing experiences.

Funnily enough, I haven’t had many lately…! But, that’s about to change again.

I received back my last bit of feedback from my most excellent proof-readers last night.

Once done, I uploaded all of the files to make Outsider: Deliverance available.

It’s pretty exciting!

I was also pleasantly surprised; the process only took a few hours this time. The first time I did it, it took days of trying to work out coding errors with e-pubs, file sizes of cover pictures, picture quality, etc…

I hope I haven’t missed anything…!

I guess, that is what the quality control part of this will be about; checking the proof copy and making sure its right.

Can’t wait!

Here is the front cover:

Outsider: Deliverance

Outsider: Deliverance


And here is the blurb:

“How long must this continue, Outsider? You who cannot die, and I who am already dead?”

THE KINGDOM OF SYRANE: A land of magic, myth and adventure.

For Duncan Hawkwind, The Outsider, it’s a prison.

Duncan continues his search to find a way home, to Earth. The key is the Sphere of Corruption in the Temple of Mergoth. However the spectre of an old enemy who seeks the sphere and its power turns Duncan’s conquests into heartbreak.

Faced with an impossible choice, Duncan realises that life is not fair.

But neither is death.


Thanks for reading!



Outsider: Deliverance

Hello folks,

It’s been a while since an update on the new book…!

Outsider: Deliverance

Outsider: Deliverance

For a number of reasons, Outsider: Deliverance has been delayed… But I’m now thinking it may be a good time for you to dust off Outsider, perhaps re-read it so you remember what happens.

Outsider: Deliverance is coming soon!


Targeted advertising

I guess everyone has seen those targeted adverts that pop up ever time (it seems) when you go to a new page for whatever reason.

I found this one funny:


Book Depository

Yes, Book Depository… I’ll buy my own book off you…

I have to admit, they have me in pretty good company.


Thanks for reading