Bass Guitar

I play bass… I don’t profess to be any good, but I enjoy playing with my mates. I have played in a few bands over the years, but never really got into gigging. I like to do a little home recording and just play.

I started out as a teenager wanting to play guitar like Eddie Van Halen – but soon realised (after about 15 years) that I was never going to be that good without putting in the countless hours that he did in becoming so good. That and my learning process was all wrong. I started trying to learn ‘Eruption’ without mastering the basics first.

I always had a bass, but never really tried to play it properly, reasoning it would be ‘too easy’. How wrong I was.

About 10 years ago I broke my left hand quite badly while playing cricket. As part of my rehab I decided to give bass playing a real go. Turns out that those big, thick strings were perfect for strengthening my hand & fingers again! So I stuck with it, and now have a good collection of basses & amps, many happy memories & experiences … and have learned a fair few songs! Through playing I have met some really awesome people as well.

There are loads of resources online for bassists, but this morning I thought… “Hey, I have a blog… put some things up!”

So here are some resources for bassists! All are shared without the original author’s permission, but I figure that I’m sharing because the last guy shared it too…

Chord Chart

Chord Chart


The different colours show starting notes & octaves. Play around with it...



The red dots show where you start the scale.


Wheat’s Bass Book

Here’s a handy site that contains comprehensive instructions for how to play the bass





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