Bush Walking/ Hiking – Chauncy Vale + Browns Cave

Today I took a trudge out to Chauncy Vale and Brown’s Cave.

Why did I do that? I haven’t been on a trudge in a while; I’ve had a few injury issues. Fingers crossed that they are all behind me. And please, no need to send money for my recovery – I’m okay.

Chauncy Vale is not too far from Hobart, as you can hopefully see on the map below. Thanks as always to our good friends at Google Maps.

(click on each image for a larger version)

It seemed like a good short one to do. It’s an easy-ish track, if you’re moderately fit and experienced at bush walking. As always, watch where your feet go. Tree roots and rocks will do their best to trip you. And there are some ledges higher in the hills that have no barriers or protections.

The last 3 or 4 kilometres of the drive to the car park is on an unsealed road, but is easily passable by two-wheel-drive vehicles. There is a gate, but it only ‘looks’ locked. Please ensure you close the gate behind you, and there is a donation box.

For more info about the donation box, the area and its history, please have a look at the website: http://www.chauncyvale.com.au/

The only wild life I saw was a couple of friendly pademelons. Oh, and the guy at the start of the trek, but he didn’t look very wild. His beard was very neatly trimmed. He looked like he worked there.

I saw him near the visitor book.

Plenty of room for parking, and as always, my car probably won’t be there when you go. Make your way to the gate and set off.

The route is well signed, marked out and easy to follow. Follow these signs, as it would be very easy to get lost if you go off into the woods.

To get to the caves, follow the copious ‘CAVES’ signs. The trek tot he caves starts to ascend very early on.

There are other caves besides Brown’s Cave. I looked at a few of them. They are pretty amazing formations.

For my fellow fantasy-lovers, I did check the caves for secret underdark entrances and found one. This rather dejected Beholder would not let me past. He reminds me of a really grumpy M+M.

‘You get in the bowl’

I do not know what that black thing is on the roof.

Once done cave-exploring, take care and make your way downhill to the valley floor to continue exploring, or head back to the car park.

I’m not sure who Eve is. I suspect I should have read some of the area’s history.

She wasn’t having a bath when I walked past.

Here’s a link to my Endomondo workout.

There are a number of walks that can be done in and around Chauncy Vale. The Brown’s Cave Trek is only 3km. With the trudging up and down hills and rocky bits (and some exploring) it took me about an hour.

Thanks for reading!



(picture of the Beholder taken from http://geekrampage.blogspot.com.au/2016/09/trouble-in-mantol-derith-out-of-abyss.html )