Bushwalking/ Hiking – Snug Falls

Today I trudged down to Snug Falls.

Its a nice, short little walk that’s not too strenuous. The falls themselves are quite pretty, and apparently much better to view after rain.

We haven’t had much rain lately, but I went anyway.

How did I get there? I drove.

^ if you drive south from Hobart, along the Channel Highway, turn off in the township of Snug, at Snug Tiers Road then follow the signs. Its a lovely spot.

Parts of the actual Snug Falls Road (as you get closer to the falls) are unsealed, but it is easily passable by two-wheel drive vehicles.

^ The car  park looks something like this. When you visit, my ute wont be…

Ooh, wait… I traded in the ute. I now have a bat-wagon. Its red/ maroon. Actually, the official colour is called ‘sizzle’. Oh well…

Some people have called it the big red car, which of course looks like this…

You do come up on the car park quite suddenly, so drive carefully. The car park is about 150 metres before the start of the track.

Walk the rest of the way to the start and begin your trudge. It seems dogs are welcome to join you, as long as they are on a leash. If you don’t have a dog, don’t feel bad. Just walk by yourself.

^ start here, and go through the turnstile. Or go around it. There isn’t anyone there to judge you.

The walk goes gently downhill to the falls, and then (of course) is gently uphill on the way back. It’s a well made and easy to follow trail, but like any track in the forest, you still should watch where you put your feet, as tree roots and rocks still may trip you.


The falls are quite pretty. You can walk around the pool and stand underneath (if you want to), but please take care, the rocks can be quite slippery.

All up I walked about 3.5km and took a leisurely hour trudging along the track and scrabbling about at the waterfall taking way too many pictures (not reproduced here).

Here’s a link to my Endomondo workout.

The falls are a popular walk, so don’t be surprised to see lots of people. And maybe dogs. Perhaps you’ll see a dragon, too?

Unlikely, but you never know. Its always good to be prepared.

Thanks for reading!



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