Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)


I have a confession to make.


I live about 5km from MONA, and have never been there. Last time I was there, it was a small boutique winery called Moorilla, and they’d only just started making Moo Brew there. I think they still do the wine thing.

MONA is the best thing to happen to Hobart since we invented sliced bread*; and I’d not been to see it.

So, I went today for a look.

How do you get there?

Thanks to our good friends at Google Maps, here’s the way to travel…

Map to Mona

You can also catch the ferry up the lovely Derwent River. Or, if you’re like me, you can just pop down from home.

The MONA website will tell you a lot more than me.

How was it? It was quite interesting.

As a Tasmanian, I pay no entry fee. I just had to show the scar where my second head was removed. For the rest of you; you will have to pay to get in.

When you enter, you get this little iPhone thingy. You press a button and it tells you all about the artworks that are nearby. Sadly, mine had a flat battery, so I wandered about looking at stuff, and thinking… ‘that’s nice’, or ‘that’s weird’. I eventually found somewhere where I could swap my flat iPhone for a new one.

I’m not an art critic… I’m a heavy metal fan who works as a public servant and writes fantasy adventure books in my spare time.

So, a lot of it was over my head.


But it was good fun.


The pictures tell the story (as usual).

20170303_145857_resized_1 20170303_144622_resized_1 20170303_144059_resized_1 20170303_143306_resized_1 20170303_142657_resized_1 20170303_141757_resized_1 20170303_141832_resized_1 20170303_141926_resized_1 20170303_142102_resized_1 20170303_142218_resized_1 20170303_142239_resized_1 20170303_142243_resized_1 20170303_142352_resized_1 20170303_141607_resized_1 20170303_141526_resized_1 20170303_141342_resized_1 20170303_140856_resized_1 20170303_140507_resized_120170303_143751_resized_120170303_144214_resized_1

Thanks for reading!




* It’s possible that this is a made up fact.