Bush Walking/ Hiking (kinda – more like sightseeing) Scotts Peak Road/ Creepy Crawly Nature Trail/ Twisted Sister

Today I went exploring to Scotts Peak Dam.

Where’s that?

Well… here’s a map…


Map (thanks, Google Maps)


It’s about 150km from sunny Hobart by road. The road isn’t the best in the world, but its not too bad.

Take a chance, if you can, to enjoy the scenery on the way out. It’s amazing.




Get yourself to the Gordon River Road, and turn left at the sign. The sign is supposed to be 30km past a small town called Maydena, but I think it’s about 27km past.

Oh, and unless you have a satellite phone, Maydena is the last spot you’ll get phone reception, too.



Turn left here

The road you turn off onto at the sign is called Scotts Peak Road. It’s actually quite a good road, for an unsealed one.

There are a couple of well-signed attractions along the way


Lake Edgar Dam

There are lots of attractions for the serious (and not-so serious) bushwalkers. Tracks to Mt Anne, Mt Eliza; you can even walk all the way to Melaleuca from here. Sadly, I did none of those today, as I’ve been having a few troubles with a knee problem since December. Rather stupidly, I thought I’d give jogging a go. And it all went well, I actually jogged a quite a few kilometres. But my left knee wasn’t too keen on the idea, and has been letting me know ever since. So, I’ve given up becoming a ‘jogger’ and my knee is recovering well.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes.

At the end of Scotts Peak Road is Scotts Peak Dam. There is a boat ramp where you can (presumably) launch a boat.


Scotts Peak Dam

Also at the end of the road is a wonderful lookout called Red Knoll Lookout. From the lookout, you can see 360 degrees, and the views are simply amazing.



Lake Pedder


Scenery (poorly cropped)


Mt Anne, and Mt Eliza and a few other mountains (names I cant remember… it will all be on the identification tool thingy, above).


The view south


View from Lake Edgar Dam looking south

Of course, anyone familiar with the Gnoll species will be surprised to find one here.


Red Gnoll

On the way back, I stopped to wander along the Creepy Crawly Nature Trail. I suspect this trail is a nice distraction for bored youngsters. It’s about 300 metres return, but would be a lot of fun to climb under and over a heap of tree trunks and branches. Its fully boarded the whole way.




Room to park


Creepy Crawly Trail

I suspect it wouldn’t be as fun if it had some real creepy crawlies there.

Like this, shown for illustration purposes.


Creepy Crawly


Once back on the main road, about 10km toward Maydena, I stopped at a sign that said Twisted Sister.


Twisted Sister


Turns out, this isn’t where the rock band has been residing…


Twisted Sister. Sadly, I didn’t see these guys…

It’s a cool little trail though the bush, about 700 metres in length. Again, I think a great distraction for bored youngsters.


Twisted Sister Start


The trail


This could be a fallen tree…


End of the line for twisted sister


Thanks for reading!



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