Outsider: Deliverance – on sale now!

Ok, well it’s that exciting time when I can finally answer the burning question; “Pete, where can I buy a copy of Outsider: Deliverance?”

Well, the easy answer is most ebook and online book sales sites.

Outsider: Deliverance

Outsider: Deliverance

The ebook is available now, from sites like Amazon, Kobo, etc

Book stores should soon be able to order a copy for you. I don’t have any copies just yet, but I will be getting them very soon…!

How much is it?
The RRP of the book is 25.00AUD. For a limited time only you can buy both Outsider and Deliverance for $35.00AUD.

If you are in Hobart and fall into one of two categories:

1. I work with you:
Keep an eye on the Sports Carnival Books sales table in the atrium..

2. I don’t work with you:
Send a message to outsider@eftel.com.au and we can work something out. I’m happy to deliver a copy to you if you live in the Hobart area! Just deposit 25.00AUD to my paypal account outsider@eftel.com.au.
Remember to include your name as the narrative. Or we can do cash on delivery. I’ll even give you a receipt! It may be a week or so before I can get a copy to you though.

If you are not in Hobart or if you’d prefer me to post it to you, please add $7 (or $10 for express post). Delivery will take anywhere between a couple of days and a week or so, depending how many people want one..!

If you are overseas or shy about using Paypal then send an e-mail to outsider@eftel.com.au and we can work something out.

Postage will be about 7.00AUD (parcel post) or 10.00AUD (express post) if you’re in Australia or between 10.00AUD and 18.00AUD if you’re not.

Thanks everyone!!



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