Outsider: Deliverance

I started this blog to write about my book writing and publishing experiences.

Funnily enough, I haven’t had many lately…! But, that’s about to change again.

I received back my last bit of feedback from my most excellent proof-readers last night.

Once done, I uploaded all of the files to make Outsider: Deliverance available.

It’s pretty exciting!

I was also pleasantly surprised; the process only took a few hours this time. The first time I did it, it took days of trying to work out coding errors with e-pubs, file sizes of cover pictures, picture quality, etc…

I hope I haven’t missed anything…!

I guess, that is what the quality control part of this will be about; checking the proof copy and making sure its right.

Can’t wait!

Here is the front cover:

Outsider: Deliverance

Outsider: Deliverance


And here is the blurb:

“How long must this continue, Outsider? You who cannot die, and I who am already dead?”

THE KINGDOM OF SYRANE: A land of magic, myth and adventure.

For Duncan Hawkwind, The Outsider, it’s a prison.

Duncan continues his search to find a way home, to Earth. The key is the Sphere of Corruption in the Temple of Mergoth. However the spectre of an old enemy who seeks the sphere and its power turns Duncan’s conquests into heartbreak.

Faced with an impossible choice, Duncan realises that life is not fair.

But neither is death.


Thanks for reading!




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