Bush Walking/ Hiking – Split Rock and Falls

Yesterday I trudged out to Meander Falls. Today (31 August 2016) I took the trail to Split Rock & Falls.

To get there, you go to the same car park for the Meander Falls walk. Split Rock, etc, is on the other side of the Meander River to the Meander Falls walk. However, you take the little side trail toward the campground and enter the bush here:


Walk this way

You probably won’t see a giant arrow to show the path to follow when you go. I just got lucky. You will have to rely on your wits to get you on the correct trail.

Just past the imaginary giant arrow is a really cool sculpture.


Really cool sculpture


Really cool sculpture explanation

The fun doesn’t stop there… not far after the really cool sculpture, is a suspension bridge. Yes, a suspension bridge.


Leave your car and pet elephant at the car park.


Suspension Bridge

I think the track organisers put all this fun stuff at the start, so you won’t be put off by the rest of the track. It’s a bit of hard work. It had rained a fair bit overnight, and the trail was quite muddy and slippery.

Like the Meander Falls track, the trail markers were well-placed and clear. It is a steep trail, but it is a short trail. The rainforest is quite beautiful.



Once you get to Split Rock, you will recognise it after you look at the next photo.


Split Rock

These rocks are quite massive; the pictures don’t really do them justice.

To find Split Rock Falls, keep going to the left.


Left of Split Rock

However, you can do some exploring (like I did) of the hill above the rock by clambering up here.


Split Rock split

Its pretty steep, you’ll need to use your hands to climb.

If you don’t go through the split, you will go left and find the falls.


Pete’s Falls

^ but not these falls. I don’t know what they’re called, so I called them ‘Pete’s Falls’.


Shower Cave Falls


Shower Cave Falls again


Once you’re finished gazing in wonder at the falls, head back.

On your way back, you should see this really cool Easter Island guy. I think he was about 40 metres high.


Easter Island Guy

Here is a link to my Endomondo workout. I trudged about above the falls for a while, so I can guess the ‘actual’ trail to be about 3km.

I did need my hiking poles on the way down, the trail was pretty slippery.

Thanks for reading!


* update 02 September 2016

I originally noted Split Rock Falls – they are in fact Shower Cave Falls.



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