Bush Walking/ Hiking – Meander Falls

There’s something quite magical about a waterfall that drops a hundred or more metres from snow-dusted cliffs, isn’t there…?

I’d never really thought much about this. Another thing I’d never really thought about is that you can never really have too many scarves. What is the relevance? None, really.

But getting back to the waterfall/ cliff thing…

Yesterday (30 August 2016) I trudged up to Meander Falls.

Meander Falls is about 30km south-west of Deloraine, in Tasmania. There are a number of ways to get there, depending where you’re coming from. If you’re like me and leaving from Hobart, the quickest way is via the Lakes Highway.

Here’s a map I prepared earlier (thanks Google Maps).




When you get to the end of the Lakes Highway, turn left and go through the township of Meander. Follow the signs to Meander Falls. As a side note, Huntsman Lake is very picturesque, and worth a look.


Turn here. Or not, your choice…

A word of warning, the road into the Falls car park is unsealed. It isn’t particularly rough, but it was muddy and slippery when I went.


Muddy Road


When you get there, park here. I’ve shown you how, using my own vehicle.

Park this way...

Park this way…

There is a campground here too. How cool is this? They named the bbq after me…


Pete’s BBQ


The trail is easy to follow. The start is well-signed, and the trail markers are well-placed and clear.


Start trudging


But stop and read the sign…

The track itself graded as ‘moderate’. I think this is because it’s not particularly long, nor does it climb too much. However, it’s one of those trails where you need to make sure every step is placed with care. Tree roots, rocks and small creek crossings are common. There are some very steep sections that are a bit of hard work. The track follows the Meander River.

I took gaiters and hiking poles, and didn’t need to use either.

You can do a loop via Split Rock, but that track is quite challenging.









The whole trek is a steady climb of about 500 metres.


Once you get through the hard bits, then you get to see the water falling off the edge of the cliff (see earlier comments).


Meander Falls


Meander Fell


Meander Falling


The falls themselves are magnificent. The water in the pool at the bottom is crystal clear.

Once you’re finished taking it all in, head back to your car.

One thing to note: The base of the falls is about 1,100metres above sea level, and the weather (like anywhere in Tasmania) can change without warning. On my trudge back to the car, it started raining, and became quite cold. The walk back was made a little more difficult thanks to the slippery-ness.

Here’s a link to my Endomondo workout. It tells me that I walked for 9 and a quarter kilometres and took just under 4 hours. I ate lunch at the base of the falls, and the time taken doesn’t take this into account.

Thanks for reading!







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