Bush Walking/ Hiking – Marriotts Falls

Today I trudged out to Marriotts Falls and back.

Just because.

Where is Marriotts Falls? Well… if you drive from Hobart out to Mt Field (I’ve often thought Mt Field to be an odd name for a mountain. I mean, it’s either a mountain, or a field, surely…? But then, I figure it may be named after someone called Field, perhaps?) I’m sure Wikipedia will tell me… hang on, I’ll check.

Hmmmm… Wikipedia, you disappoint me… Oh well.

Where was I? Oh yes. Mt Field. Drive there. Only don’t go in, drive past it a short way to a quaint little village called Tyenna. It’s about 80km from Hobart, just before Maydena.

Thanks to the magic of Google Maps, I can show you…




At Tyenna, turn off here:

Turn off here. If you don't, you will really struggle to find Marriotts Falls

Turn off here. If you don’t, you will really struggle to find Marriotts Falls

Follow the unsealed road a short way, across a bridge and then down a little side trail (well signed and clearly marked) and park here.

Park here. track stats off to the right

Park here. track starts off to the right

You probably won’t see my ute when you’re there.

Some relevant info.

Some relevant info.

The trail entrance is pretty clear, as is most of the trail. Follow the trail along the Tyenna River for about a kilometre, then it veers off away from the river and heads to the north and west. It’s about where you leave the river that you may also leave your mobile phone coverage behind. In terms of elevation, the trail itself isn’t too difficult.

Across a nice meadow and then you plunge into the rainforest. It has been raining a bit lately, and the rainforest was very wet and muddy. I mean, muddy.


This mud is some of the good bits.

Also some debris from recent bad weather is across the trail as well, so you will need to dodge/climb over/clamber/ climb under/leap across or use brachiation to progress.


Debris + mud


Rain forest


Dead tree


My pole is a bit over a metre high… so crouch to get through, or go over…

Okay, so what’s brachiation? It’s what monkeys do – “a form of arboreal locomotion in which primates swing from tree limb to tree limb using only their arms” (thanks Wikipedia).

After about a kilometre and a half, you arrive at the falls. You will probably hear them from way back.

Once there, admire the views. Be careful though, this bit is pretty slippery.

20160803_093438 20160803_094048 20160803_094114 20160803_094137 20160803_094142 20160803_094149 20160803_094153 20160803_094501 20160803_094622 20160803_094625

You can clamber about to take in different perspectives of the falls, including standing right at the base. But be warned, it is really, really slippery. But by careful maneuvering, you can do it. Even not-so-careful-you-stuck-your-foot-in-the-water-Pete you can move around to take pictures.


Foot + water

Once finished, carefully walk back to where you parked. All up my gps tells me it was pretty much spot on 5km, and took me about an hour and a half.

Here’s a link to my Endomondo workout.



Thanks for reading!





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