Bush Walking/ Hiking – East Cloudy Head

I mentioned in my post about the Labillardiere Peninsula how to get to Bruny Island and a map of the island.


On day two I trudged up to East Cloudy Head.

To get to Cloudy Bay, follow Cloudy Bay Road from Lunawanna. There is camping available both at the start of the trek (near the beach), and also a campground accessed via four wheel drive at the end of the beach.

I parked my ute at the day use car park and walked the 3km length of the beach as well.

Beach looking west & south to East Cloudy Head

Beach looking west & south to East Cloudy Head. Sadly, north does not get a mention…

It’s an amazing 3km stretch of beach.

Beach Views south and west

Beach Views south and west


Don't go here.

Don’t go here.

When you get toward the end, don’t go up here unless you want to see people camping.

If you do, that’s fine… but you may be a little weird. You can always make your way back toward the beach and find the trail.

Trail this way

Trail this way

It starts here


Trudge this way

Trudge this way

And goes this way. There is a registration book to fill in.


The trail is very easy to follow. You trudge up the western side of the head, cross over the back and then ascend from the east. The undergrowth on the eastern side is quite thick, so if you’re like me & wore shorts, your legs will get a bit scratched.


View south on the way up


The trail


View south and west on the way up


View west


View back to the beach

I didn’t see any wildlife on the trudge, which was a bit unusual. There was one moment where a large beast took off through the undergrowth, which startled me (and the lady on the trail behind me). Luckily we both recovered.


View east from the eastern side of the trail


The thingy at the top


View south and west from the top


View west from the top


View north and west back to the beach


View east again on the way down

The views as you ascend & then reach the summit are just magnificent.

Retrace your steps back to wherever you parked.


The official paraphernalia lists the walk as anywhere between 12 and 15km. My GPS says I walked 14.46km. I walked for three hours and fifteen minutes, including a stop at the top.

Here’s a link to my Endomondo workout.


Thanks for reading



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