Bush Walking/ Hiking – St Crispins Well

After doing a bit of climbing in recent weeks, my poor knees needed a rest this weekend. I figured I could trudge somewhere that’s a little flatter than what I have been doing.

My choices were the ever-reliable Risdon Brook Dam, or the Pipeline Track. I’d not been up the Pipeline Track for a while, so it won!

I’ve written about the track itself several times on here, so I won’t bore you with too many details (or repeat too many photo’s).

I started at Neika, which is about 10km south of Hobart along Huon Road. It’s not too far from the Cathedral Rock walk I did a few weeks ago.

You can park at the huge water tank at the Morphet’s Road intersection & then simply follow the track. Make sure you bring your ipod with you, otherwise you’ll have to go back to your car and get it (like, um… me for example…). If you don’t have an ipod, take someone to talk to.

Parking Spot with water tank

Parking Spot with water tank

You can (almost) see the communications towers of Mt Wellington in the middle top of this picture to the left of the telegraph pole.


Parking spot in colour with ute.

Parking spot in colour with ute.

I’m not too sure what I did to my phone to make that picture appear in sepia, but here is a colour photo showing a slightly different view. Again, my ute probably won’t be in the way when you visit.




The track is quite popular with runners & mountain bikers, so keep your eyes peeled.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the track is impossible to get lost on. The Pipeline Track is a nice, easy trudge… a barely noticeable incline on the way out, and the opposite coming back! The walk I did (my Endomondo workout is here) followed the whole length of this particular stage, about 17 & a half km, all up. I’ll not mention the previous half-kilometre I did when I started and then came back for my ipod.

St Crispins Well is about 5km in and is a 5-10 minute side trek off the main track. The diversion is clearly marked, and sits opposite a hut that’s there for shelter from the ever-changing weather conditions.

Shelter & side trudge to St Crispin's Well

Shelter & side trudge to St Crispins Well

As the Rolling Stones would say, Gimme Shelter...

As the Rolling Stones would say, Gimme Shelter…

Walk this way...

Walk this way…

St Crispin's Well Track

St Crispins Well Track




I wonder if there’s a St. Hubbins Well…?


The Well

The Well

Viewing platform

Viewing platform

The Well again

The Well again

According to the Wellington Park info, the Pipeline that the track is named after was extended to St Crispin’s Well in 1875. Here is a link to some historical notes on the Wellington Park & surrounds.

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock

Funnily enough, Cathedral Rock was a lot more visible today than it was a few weeks ago!


You shall not pass...

You shall not pass…

The end of the track is a gate, where there is a bit of a landslip. If you go past the gate, you may fall to your doom. Or you can surf the landslide like the fellow in the sign.


Thanks for reading!


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