Bushwalking/ Hiking – Kaoota Tramway

I went for a walk today along the old Kaoota Tramway. Kaoota is an Aboriginal word for ‘dusk’. The history of the region and the tramway is best explained by this picture.


Kaoota Tramway history


Kaoota is about 30km roughly south and east of Hobart. If you drive south from Hobart along the Southern Outlet, follow the road to Huonville. Turn left at Sandfly and then right into Pelverata Road to follow the sign to ‘Kaoota’. Turn into Kaoota Road and follow the unsealed road until you see the Tramway sign. You can access the tramway from the Allens Rivulet Road (via Margate), but it’s a bit of a pain in the arse. Here’s what the sign looks like with my ute parked in front of it.

My ute + the sign

And here is without my ute in the way.


The track is a very low gradient throughout. From the top you walk slightly downhill, and from the bottom you walk slightly uphill! At the start there are some relics of the old mine, and some more recent additions (picnic tables). Throughout the walk you may see old tram tracks and sleepers still embedded in the earth.

It’s been windy here of late, so there’s loads of small branches that will try to trip you. The surface is uneven in many places, so like anywhere in the bush, you will need to keep your eyes on your feet most of the time.







Don’t do what I did and keep walking after the end of the trail. If you get to this part, turn around and walk back…!

Here is where to turn around and walk back
Just before the Nazgul attacked me…

Overall a very enjoyable walk!

Kaoota Tramway isn’t great for scenery, but it is a good walk if you’re like me and you’re trying to get some kilometres into your legs.

Here’s a link to the Endomondo workout. The tramway is 6km long (12km return), but of course the walk I did is closer to 14km because I missed the finish!

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