Hello everyone!

I’ve updated the Published Pictures page with a few more photo’s that I’ve sent off for publishing.




Bragging Post!

Today (actually, about 10 minutes ago) I finished the first draft of my new book, the follow-up to Outsider.

It took a year to get to this point (and that’s not continuous writing). In between work, family, life in general; I finally finished the first draft.

Up until now I’ve been calling the book ‘Outsider 2’ (pretty original, huh?).  But I’m leaning towards calling it ‘In the Lap of the Gods’.

Lots still to be done, I’ll go and revise it, edit it, revise it again, etc. etc…

I’m excited.



I love a good quote – they can leave you smiling for hours.

Or scratching your head… wondering just what was that person thinking…? So I’ve added a Quotes page…!

There’s only a couple there at the moment, but like the page says, they tickle my fancy!