Bushwalking/ Hiking – Wellington Falls

On 2 January 2013 I wandered up to Wellington Falls for a walk.

Here’s a link to the Endomondo workout:

The falls are on the southern face of Mount Wellington, which itself is about 15km from the centre of Hobart. If you’ve ever been to Hobart, Mt Wellington is ‘the mountain’ – or as it’s known by the traditional Aboriginal name of ‘kunayni’. Hobart is built around the foothills of the mountain. If you ever come here – you can’t miss it.

To get there I went to a small town called Neika, where I left my car and started walking along the historic Pipeline Track. Now before you ask, Neika is spelt correctly… no ‘I’ before ‘c’ down here in sunny Tasmania… I’ll write a bit more about the Pipeline Track another time.

1. Neika

The first leg of the trip is pretty easy. The Pipeline Track meanders its way around the mountain for miles & miles (in both directions, but again, I’ll crap on about the rest of the Pipeline Track in another post). My trek was 17.22km return and took me about four & a half hours (including taking pictures & stopping for lunch). I think about 12 of those kilometers were along the very easy Pipeline Track. On the way out you have a very slight ascent the whole way.

2. Pipeline Track
Pipeline Track.

As you walk, there’s fantastic scenery – notably Cathedral Rock to the South & East (and South, as you get further in).

3. Cathedral Rock
Cathedral Rock

4. Scenery

Eventually you will turn toward the south (that’s to the left if you’re going the right way…. Hang on, does that make sense…?) And get to a turn in the track that heads back to the east at about the 6km mark. Here is where I left the Pipeline Track and walked up the Wellington Falls track. Little did I know, at the start of this side trail there is a bike rack. Note to self, next time, ride your bike out to here & then walk to Wellington Falls…

The trail heads uphill from here towards the waterfall. Although a bit steeper than the rest of the walk, the climb is easily managed because the track is very well defined.

6. Wellington Falls Track

5. Wellington Falls Track
Wellington Falls track

7. Wellington Falls Lookout
Wellington Falls Lookout

Once you get to the lookout, you’ll need to scrabble over a few rocks & other bits to see what you came to see.

At the lookout, ate lunch and took a few pictures. There are a few other side treks you can do here, including a difficult (but I’m told worth-while) climb to the top of the falls themselves. You can also keep walking & end up on a different part of the mountain.

8. Looking out at the Lookout
Looking Out
Years ago there was a touristy ad campaign that had a picture of a climber standing atop this rocky spire. It was very impressive then – sadly my photos don’t really do it justice.

9. Wellington Falls
Wellington Falls

When I was there it was in the middle of a dry spell…. Keep in mind that if you go at any time of the year, the weather can be quite variable. As you’re on the southern face of the mountain, the weather will sneak up on you – it always appears from behind the mountain and you won’t see it coming…!

And now all you need to do is walk back to your car…

Thanks for reading



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