Bush Walking/ Hiking – Adamsfield

Happy New Year everyone!

It seems my last bushwalking post was quite popular, so I’ll delve back through a few more walks I’ve done and post a few of them.

In February 2014 I went with my old mate Garin to a place called Adamsfield. This old mining town is roughly 120kms south and west of Hobart. Past the Mt Field National Park and the beautiful Florentine Valley, there is an established 4wd/ mountain bike trail that enters the area from the south (and follows the Saw Back Range), but we went in via the Forestry-owned Clear Hill Road (which follows Lake Gordon) to the west and along the actual Adamsfield Track. You need to ensure that if you’re going in this way that you stop at the Mt Field Visitor Centre to get a key for the gate to Clear Hill Road, otherwise it may be locked.


On your way you’ll see some amazing views of the South-West Wilderness.

And this awesome sign…!




Adams River just before it empties into Lake Gordon.

The track we followed was about 12km (return), mostly level, there are a few small hills to negotiate. No navigational skills are required, because you simply follow the track.

However, some paraphernalia about the town does suggest that you can leave the track at the actual Adamsfield town site & head north for a short way to see more mining sites, but the path is very overgrown & not recommended if you have concerns finding your way back to the main track.

There are a couple of interesting sites on the trail.

Under a kilometre from the start (this picture shows the start – basically don’t go there it’s dangerous… but we went anyway…) was the first old mining huts.


Apparently these huts may be inhabited – but I have no idea by who (or why?).


The Adamsfield track follows the Adams River for a few km’s & you need to cross it here.

Not too sure who thought up the naming conventions for the area, but I’m guessing someone called ‘Adams’?

The river eventually meanders off to the south, but the trail follows ‘Main Creek’ for a while. Seriously, we Tasmanians must sit up all night thinking of what we’re going to call stuff…

Some really nice views, and we were lucky to have such a clear day.

About 5km in; welcome to downtown Adamsfield, there’s nothing left…

The population of Adamsfield swelled to about 2,000 people way back in the 1920’s & 30’s, but now there is almost nothing left.
We did venture off the main trail here a short way in an attempt to see one of the old mining sites, but encountered serious overgrown undergrowth.


Interestingly here, we also disturbed an animal which took off at our approach. We had a serious ‘WTF’ moment… for while we could not see the animal under the ferns, it made a massive amount of noise as it charged away from us. From the sound, it definitely had hooves so we assumed a feral pig or a small, heavy goat?

So we carried on along the main trail to just over 6km, where we found the main open-cut mining site.


Osmiridium was discovered in Adamsfield in1925 and mining resulted in one of the world’s largest sources of osmium and iridium metal. In the days before the modern pen, Osmiridium was used to manufacture fountain pens and surgical instruments. We ate lunch & returned.

This is a mushroom that I saw on the way back. It has an unusual pattern on it.

All in all, a fun, interesting walk.

Thanks for reading!



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