I was particularly touched today when a mate who is also a reader, e-mailed to say how much they enjoyed Outsider. I have to admit, it’s lovely when anyone says “good job”, or “well done”, but for someone to take a moment to write, left me feeling quite chuffed!

Here’s what they said:

Just thought I would drop you a line to say, Thank you for the exciting reading experience with the Outsider. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
I loved the Australian/Tasmanian references throughout the whole book, I found that a really nice touch.
It was good to find a writer who doesn’t mind dispatching the heroes of the story. That to me was a readers shock… perfect. Nice to see Duncan got his Cats shirt back near the end… although I feel that a Carlton shirt may have read a little better, hahahahaha.
Can’t wait for the next book Pete, thank you.

Thanks for reading!




I have to admit it takes me a while to get in to new computer games. I guess it’s because I don’t play that many. I find I get more enjoyment out of them when they’re only a very small part of my life’s relaxation strategies. Having said that, the ones I do I tend to focus on I keep going until I finish them. Mind you, I ask myself if many other men in their early 40’s play many computer games, but I think quite a few do…!

So back in about 1994 or 95, I started playing X-Wing, a fantastic space-combat simulation which, of course, was based almost entirely on the X-Wing star fighters from Star Wars. There were a couple of other variants released; Tie Fighter, X-Wing vs. Tis Fighter and X-Wing Alliance.

So imagine the thrill when I saw the classic X-Wing and Tie Fighter games were being re-released and updated for modern pc’s! For the very cheap price of $US10 I was able to immerse myself in the pre-windows 95 graphics of X-Wing & Tie Fighter once more. I dusted off my joystick (no pun intended) and off I flew!

For those interested, the updated games can be found here.
There is quite a good review here.

Keep in mind that ‘updated’ means updated for use on modern machines. The games themselves are exactly as they were back in the mid-90’s – so you will find the graphics are a little aged.

Having said all that, I must also apologise to a few people who I offered to do reviews for a while back – I do work full-time and I also have been back writing (a follow-up to Outsider and a new sci-fi story) and have been deliberately not reading anyone else’s work – purely so it does not colour my own.

I’ve also been playing the bass a lot with a few mates – and that has been loads of fun!

Thanks for reading!