New Review!

Yes, it’s been a while – but I’ve finally pulled my finger out and got back to some book reviews.
Head over to the Book Reviews page and have a look at American Darkness (if you can…).

Pete Diggins


Exciting news

Well, possibly not earth-shattering exciting, but I’m excited. As a first-time author, I’ve found some unexpected little bonuses that come along now and then make all the hard work seem even more worth it just that little bit more! Beyond the personal satisfaction of being able to say with pride: “I wrote a book!” of course.

Two things happened this week:
1. Outsider is now for sale at Cracked & Spineless New and Used Books in Hobart, and
2. Outsider is now available at The State Lending Library of Tasmania! (see photo)

It’s always great when a bookseller says ‘Yes, we’ll take your book to sell”. It’s also really cool that it’s in the library now!


Have a great weekend everyone.


Gosh, it’s been a while since I posted…

It’s been at least a month since I’ve blogged, so I thought I’d better rectify that! So here I am, on the eve of the AFL finals, hoping the Geelong Cats make it the last day in September (that’s the AFL Grand Final for those of you in the northern hemisphere).

So what have I been up to?

Well, not a lot to do with reading and reviewing. I have three books awaiting review – so I’m making a promise to myself to get to those by the end of September.

I had a bit of the flu at the beginning of August & then went to Melbourne/ Geelong for a few days to watch the footy & catch up with my wife’s family over there. (Hello if you’re reading!).

In the middle of August the weather took a turn for the better & I’ve spent way more time outside; gardening, riding my bike & walking.

I also started the follow up book to Outsider – I’m about 20,000 words (50 pages) in…!

I’ve also managed to spend some more time learning some songs & playing bass – jamming with a few mates here & there, which with all of this book writing/ editing/ publishing/ promoting I’ve not been able to do. Also on the bass-playing front, I’ve traded in some old gear and upgraded my amp to an Ampeg SVT3 Pro (US made). It’s got more tone that a guy named Tony! It sounds awesome (even with me playing it).

Having said that, I’ve not done too much promoting, but that’s all good – I’m not currently in this book-writing jazz to make millions & retire – it’s still way too much fun to turn it into ‘work’. A local bookshop sold out of their supply and the State Library have copies now which are being loaned out!

Anyways, I hope you are all well.