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My workplace has a fortnightly newsletter and last week (17 July 2014) it printed an interview with me! It’s the first one I’ve done as an author – so I thought I’d reprint it here.
(And there’s a new book review posted in the reviews section too – you should go check it out!)

1. So, what have you written?
I’ve written a fantasy novel called Outsider. Basically it’s a story about a man from earth who is inadvertently yanked into a fantasy world (a Swords & Sorcery/ Lord of the Rings/ Game of Thrones-type place) and all of the bad things that happen to him as he tries to get home.

2. Where can we buy it?
Outsider is available as an e-book through heaps of websites like Amazon (Kindle), Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Drive Thru Fiction, etc. It’s either now available (or will be soon) in paperback through those websites and others, like Fishpond and Book Depository. Traditional book stores will also be able to order it in for you. The AUD RRP is $25 and you can also buy it directly from me…!

3. Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?
His name is Duncan Hawkwind. As a man from earth, he’s facing a lot of issues adapting to another world where he’s basically an alien – or an ‘outsider’. It’s not obvious at first, but he also finds out that he isn’t exactly normal on the world where he finds himself. He tackles some pretty unpleasant situations.

4. What draws you to this genre?
I’ve loved fantasy and science fiction since I was a child. I think because it is such an escape from our own normal reality. I get enough reality at home and at work, so when I want entertainment I generally like a bit of escapism. With Outsider I got to write about earth, and another place as well. Plus I made it all up, so I there was no right or wrong!

5. Where do your ideas come from?
That’s an interesting question. I don’t really know. I guess I am inspired by things I experience or witness myself; whether it’s at home, at work or in a movie, tv show or book. From those inspirations the ideas came to write my own fictional story. Some of the more amusing events in Outsider were inspired by actual situations I’ve experienced.

6. For your own reading, do you prefer eBooks or traditional paper/hard back books?
Traditional paperback. So far I’ve only ever read two eBooks. One is my own, the other is a book an old school mate wrote & released electronically (blog update… I’ve read a few more since then – see the reviews section…!!). I only really undertook this publishing process so I could have a paperback copy of my own book! Having said that, there are a heap of books available at great prices in eBook format.

7. Who edited your book and how did you select him/her?
My wife Julie edited it for me; she was selected through a very un-transparent selection process…! “Here honey, would you mind reading this for me…?” Luckily she has a fair bit of experience in proofreading and editing in her work.

8. Tell us about the cover and how it came about.
The cover for Outsider was done by a friend, John Simpson, who is a graphic artist & has his own company called Hobart Design (you should look him up on the web & on Facebook – but not at work!). We selected a picture that we could use as a book cover and he digitally altered it to fit a scene in the book.

9. How are you publishing this book and why?
I’m self-publishing the book. Basically the process has become so much simpler and easier over the years that it’s now a widely accepted way of getting a book into circulation. There are a number of ways of doing it – you can pay someone a few thousand dollars to do all the work for you (cover, editing, proofreading, layout, design, etc.), or do it all yourself for less than two hundred bucks. I went the cheap option! It was hard work and a huge learning curve where I had to figure out how to do everything from scratch, for example learning how to create an e-book. But it’s well worth the effort. Very rewarding too – especially when someone tells you they enjoyed your book…!

10. Did you format your own book?

Yes, I’ve outlined the process on my blog – please have a read of it if you’re really bored (or if you’re interested in self-publishing!).

11. How can readers discover more about you and your work?

Other than at my desk, try:
Twitter: @DigginsPete
Amazon Author Page:

Book Review

I joined a group or two on a website called Goodreads recently so that I could get my book reviewed. Newtons Third Law tells us that for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. So I have to review some other books. Not a bad thing – I do enjoy reading after all…!

My task is to review four books by sometime in October, so I thought I’d pop a new page on this site for the reviews I’m doing. Can’t be a bad thing, right?

Anyways, I’ve never written a ‘proper’ book review before. So I grabbed the last book I read and reviewed it. Please head over to the ‘Book Reviews’ page to check out my review of Discipline by Joel Rheinberger.