Self-publishing (almost done!)

Well, my manuscript was accepted, the e-book version is for sale and now I’m waiting on a paperback proof copy of ‘Outsider’.

The only drama thus far has been the cover. I’ve submitted a couple of file revisions this week to Ingram Spark – the quality of the cover file was beyond the capability of their printers to be able to replicate. I can’t thank John Simpson enough for his patience in re-doing the cover image.

I’ve read quite a few posts online from people complaining about having to re-do cover images so that Ingram Spark (Lightning Source) can produce a paperback copy of a book. To be honest, the file submission guidelines do clearly state what they can and can’t handle so it shouldn’t really be a surprise when a cover image is rejected for not meeting the submission guidelines. There are a lot of help sources you can find using a Google search if you need to change the colour saturation yourself.

For their part, each time Ingram Spark reviewed the file and asked me to resubmit within a day, so I’m not complaining. When the electronic proof arrived this morning, I was pretty excited! It looked good, but as the main reason I have started this self-publishing process was to have a paperback copy of my book, I can’t wait to get the physical proof and then (hopefully) release it for sale.


Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend!




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