Self-publishing (almost done!)

Well, my manuscript was accepted, the e-book version is for sale and now I’m waiting on a paperback proof copy of ‘Outsider’.

The only drama thus far has been the cover. I’ve submitted a couple of file revisions this week to Ingram Spark – the quality of the cover file was beyond the capability of their printers to be able to replicate. I can’t thank John Simpson enough for his patience in re-doing the cover image.

I’ve read quite a few posts online from people complaining about having to re-do cover images so that Ingram Spark (Lightning Source) can produce a paperback copy of a book. To be honest, the file submission guidelines do clearly state what they can and can’t handle so it shouldn’t really be a surprise when a cover image is rejected for not meeting the submission guidelines. There are a lot of help sources you can find using a Google search if you need to change the colour saturation yourself.

For their part, each time Ingram Spark reviewed the file and asked me to resubmit within a day, so I’m not complaining. When the electronic proof arrived this morning, I was pretty excited! It looked good, but as the main reason I have started this self-publishing process was to have a paperback copy of my book, I can’t wait to get the physical proof and then (hopefully) release it for sale.


Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend!




Bestselling Author


Well… I’m not too sure that being #8 of Amazon’s Kindle Store for Contemporary Fantasy makes me a bestselling author..!

I wonder if I should get one of those cool graphics about being ‘bestseller’ and attach it to my blog? (Just kidding!)

For context, here are a couple of interesting articles I read on ‘What is a Bestseller’ (#1) and (#2).

But seriously – thanks to everyone who bought Outsider – thanks for taking the time to read it and I hope you enjoy it!


Holy Crap!!!

I was browsing and found my own book.. it’s the e-book (Kindle) version, but HOLY CRAP!!!

My book is for sale! How cool is that?

(Is it sad that I bought a copy? I wanted to make sure everything translated from my pc to the rest of the world…)

Oh wow…



John at Hobart Design (in case you’ve forgotten – he did my book cover) has been nominated for a Telstra Tasmanian Business Award!

I must stress though, I don’t think he was nominated because of my book cover…!

The awards are about “brilliant Tasmanian businesses promoting healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle choices in the food, health and fitness, and renewable energy sectors…”


Self-Publishing part 3.5

Good news… I got a new cover file from John (his knowledge & software is so much better than mine…!!! Not surprising really, I’m an amateur author, he is a graphic designer…) and resubmitted the files… they’re accepted and have gone… my book is now in the hands of Ingram Spark’s file upload process…!

I’m quite excited…

Now I need to wait for a proof copy.


Self-Publishing… part 3

Ok, so this whole e-pub file creation has been a massive learning experience.

In fact, the Ingram Spark file submission experience has been ‘tough love’ in some ways. But not in a bad way. I think they assume that users know roughly what they’re doing – and I guess that’s the risk a self-publisher takes when not paying large amounts to other self-publishing providers to do the work for them. So not knowing what I’m doing.. I learnt the hard way!

Yesterday I thought I’d finished. I’d created an e-pub file in Sigil, and then checked it and converted it in Calibre to make sure it presented well in loads of different formats (Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, etc).

All good to go, I uploaded the four files I’d need: a .pdf of the manuscript, .pdf of the book cover, .pdf of the ebook cover and e-pub file.

Once I got through the file submission/ creation (and inputting all of the metadata – a fun game of ‘what is my book’), I uploaded the files and was really excited. I mean really excited. As the files were being uploaded, I was about to text my wife to say “Its happening, I’m uploading the files” when the unthinkable occurred… the Ingram Spark file checker showed errors… I was heartbroken!

Anyway, I’d not come this far to be put off so easily.

Basically there were two errors; one with the physical book cover file and one with the e-pub. Well, dozens with the e-pub, but I’ll get to that later.

The problem with the book cover was that the file was (basically) too good. It needs to be saved in a different and lower quality format to be accepted. I was disappointed, especially as John had done such an awesome job of the cover. I’ve asked him if anything can be done to have a lower-quality file but still retain it’s awesomeness. I will get back to you on that one…

The e-pub had dozens of errors, and I mean dozens…. and it was all complete gibberish to me. Luckily, our good friend and mentor ‘Google’ helped. By searching on the errors, I was able to learn enough about the code that I needed to change in order to fix the e-pub file.

Unfortunately, it meant that all of the excellent formatting and readability I’d created may have been lost – but I hope not. I’ve checked the file again and again since – and I have to keep reminding myself that the reader (on their reading device) really controls how the file looks, not what I’m submitting. After all (as I’ve been telling myself all along), it’s the story that’s important…!

Anyways, I’ll have another crack at uploading this weekend.